Reasons why our mint relaxation tea is simply the best

Our Mint Relaxation Tea is exactly what it sounds like – a minty herbal infusion that helps you
relax. Here are three great reasons why it’s much more than just that.

Exclusive blend of organic gourmet herb

TeaTaze’s Mint Relaxation tea is based on Organic chamomile and research suggest that chamomile
tea may have a plethora of healing properties ranging from helping to promote sleep to reducing
inflammation and aiding in digestion. In addition to chamomile our herbal blend also features top-notch
all-organic ingredients such as Spearmint, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosehips, Valerian root, Lemon peel
and Rose.

Relaxing Caffeine free herbal blend to relax the mind and body

For years, chamomile has been considered a soothing and therapeutic ingredient that makes for a great
alternate source of medicinal properties and has been used by herbalists to heal and cure many
ailments. What we love about chamomile is that not only is its mild sedative effect great for inducing
sleep, it is also great for promoting quality sleep. These benefits undoubtedly help Mint Relaxation
drinkers feel rested and easy. To top it off, the tea is a zero caffeine beverage making it ideal for the

Learn more about the levels of caffeine in a cup of tea

Savor a delicious cup of tea that is equally nutrition

Our mint relaxation tea is packed with flavor. It has a distinct mint aroma brought by organic peppermint and organic lemongrass adds a refreshing element to it whilst the floral notes of chamomile and lavender helps form a soothing balanced taste.

Need we say more? Get your hands on our Mint Relaxation herbal infusion and let us know what you
think. You can choose between 3oz, 8oz and 14 count tea sachets.

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