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TeaTaze Shipping Information: Steeping Convenience, One Cup at a Time

We are excited to accompany you on your tea adventure and want to ensure that you may easily receive your tea wherever you are. Like the tea you adore, our shipping procedure is designed to be reliable, straightforward, and effective. Continue reading to learn about our shipping rules and procedures in detail.
Bringing the World of Tea To You

At TeaTaze, providing top-notch teas and tea products is our primary mission. Our ultimate aim is to ensure your total contentment, which means we're committed to perfecting your tea experience every step of the way, starting from when you place your order to the moment you sip your first cup. Shipping Zones

We have designed our shipping services to cater to various locations, ensuring that tea lovers around the world can enjoy our premium teas and products. Our shipping zones include:
Domestic Shipping: We will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive your package. We help with this by offering several shipping choices. Please be advised that some of these alternatives might not be available depending on your region and the goods you ordered. The most well-known are included here.

Standard Shipping: This option is for people who still believe in snail mail. It’s reliable but can take a few more days than the others, usually 3-7 business days.

International Shipping: As an international customer, we know it can be a pain. So we offer multiple ways to get your order delivered. But keep in mind that it may take longer than the others because of customs.

Subscription Box Shipping: Our monthly subscription boxes are typically sent around a certain time every month. Although they will differ depending on when you made your subscription and which plan you chose.

Shipping Costs Your order’s shipping cost isn’t set in stone. There are a number of factors that we consider to calculate it. You’ll be able to see the most accurate info about the pricing there.

Order Processing and Delivery We understand the excitement of receiving your tea order promptly. Here's what you can expect during the order processing and delivery process:
Order Processing: Our committed staff starts working as soon as you make an order with TeaTaze. We carefully review your payment, get your stuff ready, and make sure it's all set to ship.
Shipment Notification: You can now track your order by our shipment notification email; we will send you an email when the order is prepared and shipped. The email contains your order number.
International Shipments: For international shipments, please be aware that customs procedures and regulations may extend the delivery time. We appreciate your patience and understanding in these situations.
Order Tracking
Simply utilize the tracking number provided in your shipment email to conveniently follow through on your transaction. To see real-time updates, either click the link or manually input the number on our website's tracking page.

Please Contact Us
We concentrate on what your satisfaction means to us. Your questions and problems about delivery will be solved immediately. Contact us for any query related to your delivery.
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