Best teas for gifting your dad


Father’s Day is almost here and you are probably wondering how you can thank one of the most important people in your life. What gift could you get your father for the years of hard work and sacrifices he has put into taking care of you? Well, we think you can let our teas do the talking – because we’re sure that this curated list of teas will be ideal for just about any dad.

Earl Grey

A British classic; our Earl Grey loose leaf and sachet packs contain a fine blend of premium Ceylon black tea leaves infused with the distinct Earl Grey scent of the oil of the bergamot orange. The addition of Cornflower Blue Petals makes the tea a visual treat, and complements its refreshing citrus flavor profile. We feel this is the ideal gift for dads who appreciate classic flavors and who enjoy tea during any time of the day.

Vitality – Vigorous Herbal Tea Blend

The new brew on the block – Vitality is a blend that is a promising energy booster as much as it is a delicious beverage. The tea has a complex and well-rounded flavor profile made with a base of organic rooibos and a variety of ingredients and herbs like organic ashwagandha, organic tulsi, organic epimedium leaf, natural plum and organic schisandra berry to name a few. So we feel this is the type of tea that’s ideal for dads that have active lifestyles and are health-conscious.

Crisp Apple Oolong

More fathers than not are soft and sentimental – take your Pop on a trip down memory lane with a cup of tea that will remind them of Grandma’s good ol’ apple pie. TeaTaze’s Crisp Apple Oolong is made using traditionally produced deeply oxidized Oolong tea leaves, with oodles of the wonderful crisp apple flavor. The blend is finished with an additional dash of organic cinnamon, cacao shells and roasted carob that makes it more special and will have your Pop wanting more!

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