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Whether it’s powering through a workout or a workday, you need energy for your active lifestyle. That’s where TEATAZE comes in. Our unique blends of world-class teas along with natural herbs and spices not only taste great, they’re great for you! We combine powerful antioxidants with nature’s best energy boosters to detoxify the mind and body, boost alertness and provide unparalleled energy to propel you through your day. Relax, recharge, and refocus with TEATAZE.


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Warm Up With Oolong This Fall!

As the weather gets cooler, its time to start thinking about a nice hot cup of Oolong to give you the natural energy you need to thrive! Our NEW High Mountain Oolong is the perfect tea to warm up your mornings. This vibrant oolong from Dancong Phoenix Mountain brings sweet floral notes and a slightly grassy aroma. Order yours today!

Energy Level 4 out of 6