Best teas to gift your valentine


We feel Valentine’s Day isn’t just for celebrating your sweetheart but is also a celebration of anyone who is close to your heart and is “your cuppa tea”. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we have curated a list of gifts you could give your special Valentine, whoever it may be.


Red is the universal color of love they say, and there’s no better tea to express your love than with our red liquored Rockin’ Red tea. It’s a lovely brew of herbal tea that can be served hot or iced or can be used in a mocktail.  Red rose, marigold and cornflower blue petals come together with blackberry, peppermint and stevia leaves balanced well with a woody hint of cinnamon.   It is finished with sweet, tangy strawberry and the fruity subtle pine aftertaste of Sultanas. Simply described, it is a concoction of floral, fruity and earthy flavors. Share a cup with your significant other and embark on an adventure together as Rockin’ Red is blended specifically keeping in mind the daring and adventurous drinker.


Is your loved one a workout junkie or do they lead a physically strenuous lifestyle? Have they switched to a work-out friendly, nutrition based diet, recently? This herbal tea would make an ideal gift for someone who could do with some energy boosting in their life that tastes great too. Active Energy Energetic Herbal Tea is a blend that is fully packed with organic and medicinal herbs sourced from across the globe. Ingredients that go into this beverage of goodness are ashwagandha, gingko bilboa, siberian ginseng, bacopa, rhodiola rosea, hibiscus, schisandra berry, licorice root and rosehips.


Another energy-boosting beverage, this is a great choice for a loved one who has a tea-dious work schedule every day. Our Fresh Energy Herbal tea will breathe new life to fatigued bodies whilst also being a delicious treat to sip. Organic herbs and spices such as ginger root, gotukola, gingko biloba, rhodiola rosea, hibiscus, honeybush, cinnamon and fenugreek come together to make up the ultimate herbal refresher energy tea. Naturally sweet flavored yet free of caffeine, it is ideal for the health-conscious wanting to pack up on energy and nutritious goodness. Share a cup with your loved one in the morning, to keep feeling energized throughout the day or sip together at night to recharge and feel refreshed.

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