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Vitality. Our blend features organic rooibos, organic ashwagandha, organic tulsi, organic epimedium leaf, natural plum and acai flavor, organic saw palmetto, organic schisandra berry, organic maca, and organic tribulus terrestris. Each of these ingredients have been carefully selected to benefit the mind and body. This Vitality herbal tea brings a full bance to enhance the mind and body by boosting energy, reducing stress, improving focus, and enhancing performance. The tea has a complex and well-rounded flavor profile. Organic rooibos is known for its naturally sweet and slightly nutty flavor, which is enhanced by the natural plum and acai flavoring. The organic tulsi adds a faintly spicy and minty flavor to the blend. Organic ashwagandha has a slightly bitter taste, which is balanced out by the sweetness of the other ingredients. Organic maca has a nutty and earthy flavor that complements the rooibos and tulsi. Organic schisandra berry has a tangy and slightly sweet taste that may add a subtle fruitiness to the blend. Overall, the combination of these organic ingredients creates a balanced and refreshing taste that is both sweet and slightly spicy, with hints of nuttiness and fruitiness. What a wonderful tea to drink hot or iced!


14 Count Sachets, 3oz Loose Leaf, 8oz Loose Leaf

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