Produced using premium ingredients such as organic white tea, green tea with the added tang, freshness and floral notes of blueberry, spearmint and lavender, this blend makes for a wonderfully refreshing beverage. Ideal for relaxing and recharging mind and body after a long day of productivity.

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Introducing Blueberry Breeze, a delightful fusion of premium organic white and green teas, expertly blended with the invigorating essence of blueberry, spearmint, and lavender. Crafted with care, this tea offers a tantalizing symphony of flavors, from the briskness of white and green tea to the tangy burst of blueberry, all wrapped in a soothing blanket of spearmint and lavender. Perfect for unwinding after a busy day, it rejuvenates your senses, providing a calming, floral escape. Immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of Blueberry Breeze, your passport to relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your moments with this harmonious blend of nature’s finest ingredients.


14 Count Sachets, 2oz Loose Leaf, 8oz Loose Leaf

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