The purest of tea on offer, TeaTaze Black tea features finest hand-picked Ceylon black tea leaves, skillfully withered, oxidized and dried to create a naturally rich dark blend of tea that is strong in flavor, yet ideal for everyday consumption. The convenient catering tea pack is ideal for restaurateurs or caterers looking to serve a large number of customers.


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Introducing TeaTaze’s Black Tea Food Service Pack – a perfect tea experience. Our blend is made from the best hand-picked Ceylon black tea leaves and undergoes careful withering, oxidation, and drying processes to create a rich and robust taste. This black tea is bold and invigorating, perfect for daily enjoyment. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or caterer, our catering-sized pack is the perfect solution for serving many tea lovers. With TeaTaze, each sip represents exceptional quality and flavor, elevating your tea service to new heights.

This unique product is specially designed for the food service industry. Each pack contains 20-gram bags, ideal for brewing large pots. A single box can serve approximately 150 cups. By incorporating these intense flavors, restaurants can distinguish themselves from competitors, offering a unique and memorable experience for their customers.  Orders over 100 boxes only.  Lead time approximately 4 weeks.  Any questions feel free to call or email.

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