Black tea leaves blended to bring out the luxurious smooth flavors of premium black tea and its strong aromas, for an elevated tea-drinking experience.

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Introducing BLACK GOLD, a meticulously crafted black tea blend that promises a truly luxurious tea-drinking experience. Our expert tea artisans have skillfully selected and blended the finest black tea leaves to unveil a captivating symphony of flavors. With each sip, you’ll be immersed in the velvety richness of premium black tea, complemented by its robust and invigorating aromas. BLACK GOLD is your passport to a tea journey like no other, a symphony of taste and fragrance that elevates your senses. Indulge in the opulence of this blend, where every cup is a treasure trove of pure tea excellence. Experience the epitome of black tea with BLACK GOLD.

Black Gold Black Tea: A Glimpse into its Unique Characteristics

Black Gold Black Tea is a distinctive single cultivar tea crafted primarily from fresh green tea leaves. The selection process for these leaves is meticulous, often focusing on a single bud or a combination of one bud and one leaf. Delving deeper into the tea tree varieties, Here two main types:

  1. Varieties with Prominent Hair: These are characterized by their abundant, visible hair. The resulting tea boasts an appearance that is:

– Plump and tender

– Tightly knotted

– Densely covered with a golden-yellow fuzz, reminiscent of a golden monkey’s fur.


  1. Varieties with Subtle Hair: While these are equally plump and tender, their defining trait is their dark, oily, and golden hue. This unique appearance is not only novel but also exquisitely beautiful.

The name Black Gold is inspired by the tea’s appearance. The dried tea leaves are brown and moist with a slight curl, and they’re generously covered with golden fuzz. This tea is not just a treat for the eyes; its aroma is equally captivating. It exudes a delightful scent, a harmonious blend of wild rose and violet.

What truly sets the Black Gold Black Tea apart is its taste. Each sip offers a unique sweetness, gliding smoothly down the throat. Its rich and robust texture ensures a lingering taste, making every cup a memorable experience.


14 Count Sachets, 2oz Loose Leaf, 8oz Loose Leaf

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