Best Teas By Season


As the cold and snow of winter melt into the bright sunshine and fresh fragrances of spring, we crave lighter flavors and textures in everything from clothing to colors to food. This craving doesn’t stop with tea, which is why oolong is the perfect tea for this delightful time of year. While oolong doesn’t have the rich flavors and aromas of black tea, it’s more substantial and flavorful than green tea, making it the ideal beverage for times of transition and regeneration.


During the summer months, when we’re more active and temperatures soar, proper hydration is key. That’s why green tea is the perfect summertime drink, since its combination of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins help replenish and restore your body. Bonus: its slightly astringent flavor is especially refreshing when served iced!


We think of hydration as a summertime concern, but as the weather turns drier and heaters start to kick on, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids during autumn, too. A transitional tea like oolong is the perfect companion to colorful leaves, while white tea’s warming and metabolism-boosting properties help stave off the chill of fall evenings, while protecting your waistline from all those pumpkin-spice treats.


Winter’s chill means reduced activity and, frequently, increased eating, especially around the holidays!  To keep your body performing its best, black and puehr teas are ideal for the colder months. Both teas warm the body, boost your metabolism, and improve digestion, and are the ideal cup-filler for sitting by a crackling fire.

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