Recipe: Sun-Brewed Black Iced Tea

Nothing says summer quite like a tall, refreshing glass of iced tea! Here at TEATAZE, and when its summertime, there’s no better way to brew your tea than using the sun itself. Fortunately, we’ve got a great recipe for you, one that will let you enjoy a classic glass of black iced teaTEATAZE-style.



  1. Put two pyramid sachets or two tablespoons of TEATAZE American Breakfast Tea into jar or tea pitcher
  2. Pour water into jar or tea pitcher
  3. Place in the sun
  4. Let it sit in direct sun for 45 to 60 minutes
  5. Pour tea into cup full of ice

Tip When using loose leaf pour into a cup using a strainer or screen

This recipe can be used with all our TEATAZE blends, so we encourage you to experiment and find the one that’s right for you! Whether piping hot or over ice, TEATAZE gives you great-tasting natural energy to thrive.

Another key to enjoying delicious sun tea is staying safe!

The CDC and the National Tea Association have some specific recommendations for making sure your sun tea doesn’t breed any harmful bacteria:

  • Brew tea bags at 195 °F (91 °C) for three to five minutes before use.
  • Brew only enough tea that can be consumed within a few hours.
  • Never maintain brewed tea for more than eight hours at room temperature.
  • Discard any unused tea after eight hours.

If your tea develops a thick or syrupy appearance, it is best to not drink it as it may contain bacteria that could make you sick.

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