Unleash Your Inner Athlete! Step into the world of peak performance with a tea blend crafted especially for the champions, the go-getters, and the fitness aficionados. Power up your workouts and sprint towards your fitness milestones with this invigorating concoction. Dive deep into the robust flavors of Oolong tea, harmoniously intertwined with the earthy notes of dandelion and marshmallow roots. But that’s not all! Let the aromatic dance of cinnamon and fennel seeds awaken your senses, delivering a sweet yet subtly spiced elixir. Every sip is a burst of moderate energy, ensuring you stay fueled, focused, and fabulous. Gear up, sip up, and rise up with this game-changing beverage!

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14 BIODEGRADEABLE PYRAMID SACHETS NET WT: 1.48oz (42g), 3oz Loose Leaf, 8oz Loose Leaf

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